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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My name is Bashira, and I am a yarnaholic

So while I was searching for the last four skeins of Classic Elite Lush in natural to complete my Olympic knitting project, I came across a remarkable find- 100% silk yarn by Adrienne Vitadinni (sp?) for 50% off! I scooped up all the natural and seriously pondered the 6 skeins of chocolate and umpteen skeins of light blue and light pink. I controlled myself and stuck to the natural thinking I could luxe up my Olympic wrap.

But I needed more- 6 skeins more to be exact. Where would I find them? I remembered seeing some at my favorite yarn store, Yarns at Lace Wings in Pawtucket. I'll go back and check what's leftover from the Super Bowl sale, I told myself. Sure enough, there were four skeins left, but I was still short two. Well, two are easier to find than 6, so I bought them (for full price, natch). I wandered up to the sale bins for giggles and came across two skeins of Jaeger cashmina- one in charcoal and one in a lighter gray. 40% off. Hello, shadow knitting anyone? I bought that, too.

I felt pretty satisfied with my purchases until I got home. Should I go back to the sale bins and buy up all the Artful Yarns 100% cashmere without a project in mind? What about the other colors of AV silk? Surely I can find something to do with something that beautiful and rich. Um, did I mention I just returned to work after being out with an injury for six months? And I haven't received a paycheck yet for my new job? Yeah, there's no money in the budget for a stash. But a stash I have. And it keeps growing. Sooner or later it will take over my back room and all the stuff I have snuck past my husband will come bursting out of the dresser drawers and plastic bags.

My name is Bashira Cashmarino, and I am a yarnaholic with a stash problem.


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