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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fought for a bronze

You know, they say that bronze medal winners are generally happier and more satisfied with themselves than silver medal winners because they are just happy to have won anything at all. According to Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot, anyone who completed the Knitting Olympics is a gold medal winner. Being the self-depracating and critical person I am, I have decided to award myself the broze medal for the 2006 Team Boston Knitting Olympics. I completed the following projects:
3 pairs of mittens on straight needles- two in Queensland Llama seta and one in Misti Alpaca
1 giant hat in Misti Chunky Alpaca that will need to be felted in order to fit even my enormous head
About 8 pattern repeats of the Alterknits lace up scarf

Was it gold-medal worthy? No. Did I work hard to complete what I did? Yes. Therefore, bronze for me. Yipppeeee!

Now rise as we stand for the Canadian National anthem...


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